Bereavement – it is the most severe test, per our part. Escorted them passed away, driven by memories, again we come back to visit them. We stop at the nice, neat grave, where the Roman stone pain Mother … Grandma’s heart thrill carefully supervised children’s tomb, decorated with wooden RUTOMA and symbolism …
Cemetery management – a very personal thing – can not strictly rely on one or other terms or conditions. Tombstone – the previous witness of life, existence and achievements expression. Each stone is unique. Giving form to the entry of placing the ornament, the stone turns into an individual work of art. Tombstone is one of the earliest surviving human culture characters. Already thousands of years ago people were marked with a stone, a place where loved ones were buried. Gifted contemporary sculptors and stonemasons funeral monuments are able to make art. The current tradition tombstone is a lifetime of work and expression, a document from the past. Name, date – the most important information about the deceased, which remains for future generations, even when there are no relatives carrying in their hearts the memories of gone passed away.
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