According to the project initiator 308 ordinary Battalion II, Company of machine-gunner Jeronimo Kraulio, Lithuania did not receive final resting place of the pre-war period, Lithuanian troops. Therefore, he had a nice idea to install graves in 1944. Lithuanian troops volunteers. 2007. was received by the then Mayor of Vilnius A. Zuoko edition of 21 volunteers and their wives graves installed. 2008. This project was implemented by winning the JSC “Eternal stone.
Since 1918. military-cemetery tombstones throughout Lithuania were the same, but many scattered cemetery. According to the standards of those times, all the tombstones were concrete. This time was chosen granite that after many years of military graves collapse. This idea brought together all the beautiful – and lieutenant, both ordinary – 1944. Lithuanian military volunteers have a nap in some eternal rest in the cemetery.